Hands down, I had some of the best food EVER on the Taste of Testaccio Tour in Rome. Everything I tasted was delicious, there wasn’t anything I did not like.

Before I get into the food, let me talk about our tour guide Chiara. She was so friendly, knowledgeable, and made the tour memorable. She made it a personal challenge to memorize all of our names (there were about 12 of us) when we kicked off the tour. And she did! We had such a great time with Chiara, and her passion for being a tour guide was evident.

Okay, now let’s get into the food. There was a total of 5 stops on our tour, I’ve outlined them below.

Panificio Passi

The first stop was a family-owned bakery where we tried 2 types of pizza. The first (on the left) is a traditional Roman style, potato with rosemary, and the second (on the right), spicy tomato. Both delicious, and my first-time trying potato pizza. So so good.

Before heading to our tasting, I stopped for a quick drink. In Rome, you can drink chilled spring water straight from the fountains. Check it out below.


Next we headed to Masto, a cute and trendy bar. We sampled Italy’s finest cheeses, meats, and wine of course.

Testaccio Market

My top favorite stop on the tour – the local food market. First we tasted fresh bruschetta (I’m not a fan of tomatoes, but they were out of this world), then we stopped at a local family stand (the lovely couple is pictured below) and had fresh buffalo mozzarella. Next we had supplì (ball of rice with tomato sauce and sausage), and not pictured, craft beer.

Flavio al Velavevodetto

The second runner up for my favorite stop on the tour consisted of this plate of love below. Three types of pasta, all amazing! Clockwise, amatriciana (red sauce), cacio e pepe and carbonara. 


The last stop on the tour was for dessert and more gelato. On the way to Giolitti, Chiara gave us the backstory that we would get to pick 2 flavors, and there was an option for whip cream. The sweet precious old man (pictured below in the middle holding gelato) would let you know if he thought the 2 flavors you picked were not a good combination, and he highly recommended the homemade whip cream. I’m proud to say, I got the approval for my flavor combo and already decided yes to the whip.

In Conclusion…

I am so glad we booked this tour last minute. On the food tour in France, a group of couples highly recommended this tour. They were right, it was the best food tour! Chiara was amazing and the food was the best I had in Rome. Five stars easy!!

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