After my visit to Louis Vuitton, next on the agenda was the Marais District Food Walking Tour with Wine and Cheese Tastings. Me and my sister hopped in a taxi and headed to the meeting spot to kick off the tour with Camille. She was amazing and very knowledgeable and explained everything to our group about each tasting. Read about my tastings below!

First Tastings

The first stop on the tour was tasting from J. Barthouil. We had a variety of tastings, the ones I remember the most are smoked salmon and pure duck rillettes, similar to pâté, which tasted great on a cracker. To my surprise, it was delicious and I even brought home duck fat. (FYI it’s a healthier cooking oil option.)

After that, we headed to the Marché des Enfants Rouges to taste wine and cheese. In English “Marché des Enfants Rouges” translates to “Market of the Red Children.” Camille explained the market was named after “Hospice des Enfants-Rouges” where orphans clothed in red was to indicate they were donated by Christian charities. The highlight of the visit to the market was learning the proper way to cheers by saying santé, which means “good health”. There is a French tradition that when you clink your glasses, you exchange a part of the liquid contained in them to mix with the other glasses, hold eye contact, and never cross glasses. By toasting to “good health” (and clanking/mixing glasses) you are also toasting “I hope you didn’t poison me because if you did, I will too.”

Sweet Bites

During this portion of the tour we tasted cream puffs, preserves, chocolates, and macarons (of course!).


We went to Popelini to taste the best cream puff I’ve ever had! I like cream puffs, but they’re not always my first choice. But the cream puffs from Popelini…definitely a must I tried caramel, and like their website says, “a bite of luxury for everyone to enjoy without guilt”. And I wholeheartedly agree!

La Chambre Aux Confitures

The next stop was at La Chambre Aux Confitures where we sampled different preserves and Camille had our group trying to guess the flavor. What I liked about this stop, is that if you aren’t a fan of fruit/jams, we also tasted chocolate and caramel spreads. My favorite tasting from this stop was the Salted Butter Caramel Praline spread…so so good!

Edwart Chocolatier Paris

When we entered the chocolatier, we went to the back portion of the store to start our tasting. This was unlike any other chocolate tastings I’ve had, we were asked if we preferred semi-sweet or sweet chocolate, and we tasted the opposite. I usually prefer sweet, and after trying the semi-sweet I was not disappointed.

Pierre Hermé Paris

By far one of my favorite stops on this tour (and there were many favorites). I love sweets but have never been crazy about macarons until I had one from Pierre Hermé. There were so many options, but I decided to go with raspberry lemonade.

Savory Stops

Before our last two savory stops, we visited an olive press and tried different oils, mustards, and truffle oils. I didn’t snap any photos, but they were all very memorable and I regret not bringing anything home. At our second stop, we tasted falafel. This was my first time trying falafel…one word, DELICIOUS. When we arrived at L’As du Fallafel, we waited outside while Camille ran in and grabbed our samples. After a short wait, she returned with the goodness. The first bite was amazing! I liked it so much, I even had the extra one since everyone was so shy.

At our last stop, Crêperie Suzette, we had savory crepes. We had the option to choose from three flavors, Compléte, Sévigné, or Francs-Bourgeois. I picked Sévigné which was chicken, cheese, mushrooms, cream, and basil. The crepe was so large I couldn’t even finish it. After all of our stops, I couldn’t eat anymore!

The one good thing about a walking food tour…is that you don’t feel as guilty eating and tasting for hours because you’re walking to each stop.

Our tour guide Camille was amazing, and if you’re in Paris soon or planning a trip…book this tour! You won’t regret it! I’m ready to go back for a repeat!

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