Meet Willow Pumpkin My Mini Goldendoodle

Meet Willow Pumpkin My Mini Goldendoodle

So I got a Puppy! Meet Willow Pumpkin! She’s a mini goldendoodle and has been one of my best pandemic purchases. I’ve wanted a puppy for years, and now that I’m working from home (for the near future), I thought the timing was just right. She’s small but sassy, cute, and lots of fun.

I got her from Just Puppies in Towson when she was 8 weeks old. It all started with a search on their site when I saw there were 4 mini goldendoodles available. I made an appointment to meet her, paid a deposit, and the next day I met her and took her home! As of today, she’s 6 months old and a little under 9 lbs.

I’ve heard horror stories about the first night home with Puppy, but my Willow did great. Slept in her crate all night, no crying, and no accidents in her bed. Only a few nights my sleep was interrupted, but overall she’s crate trained and about 98% housebroken now. She doesn’t love when I leave the house, but only because she’s used to me being home all the time.

Willow’s Favorites

Shockingly I’ve listed only one toy in her list of favorites, she has grown quite the toy collection.

Puppy Mom Favorites

As a first time Puppy Mom I also have some favorites. After some research and lots of purchases, here are my faves:

Stay tuned for more to come about little Miss Willow.

Birthday Blessings

Birthday Blessings

On February 19 I was blessed to celebrate another birthday! Happy 36th to me! I know there are so many who have celebrated a pandemic birthday but this was my first (and hopefully the only). At first, I was apprehensive about making any plans but I said you know what…make the best of it. So I did!

I scheduled a few days off work, which was one of the best things I could do. It was nice to spend a few days with no set schedule and or plans. I planned a spa day and did my annual hair color (check out my cute Instagram reel), had carryout dinner and ice cream cake with the family, and made last-minute brunch plans with my closest girlfriends. And of course, I did a little online shopping to treat myself to a few new things. My friends and family came through and showered me with sweets, treats, gifts, and lots of love. I felt so special!

New Year New Goals

It’s not January 1, but a birthday is a new year of life. I don’t always set New Year’s resolutions, but I do like to set goals on my birthday.

Here are a few of my goals for 36:

  1. Limit my procrastination – I’ve been a procrastinator forever, so I can’t change myself, but to help limit my procrastination I’m spending more time planning so I’m not putting things off to the last minute
  2. Strengthen my relationship with God – I have a great relationship with God, but this year I’m going to step it up and I’ve already put this goal to work with Virtual Bible Study.
  3. Get out of debt – this year I’m focusing on not accruing any additional debt or using credit cards. Time to cut up the cards!

So here’s to 36! Let’s see what’s in store!

A Visit to Boordy

A Visit to Boordy

One of my last social outings was to Boordy Vineyards. When it comes to safe socially -distant activities during the pandemic, besides driveway dates and shopping in masks, one of the best ones I’ve come up with so far is a day at Boordy. My close friend and I planned a fall day at the winery weeks in advance, but the weather kept getting in the way. It all worked out because we finally got a beautiful fall Sunday and the weather, charcuterie, and wine were perfect.

Socially-Distanced Lawn Area

The lawn area is set up with tables properly distanced and with a maximum of 6 people per table. Masks are required when interacting with Boordy staff and when away from the table. Boordy opened at noon for lawn tables and the first wine flight reservation (there is a second at 2 p.m.). We got there at 11:30 a.m. since lawn tables are first-come, first-serve, I wanted to snag a table for after our tasting. We placed our charcuterie snacks and a blanket on a table, then headed to the tent for our 12 p.m. wine flight reservation.

Wine Flights

One thing I really liked about Boordy is that you had to make a reservation for a wine flight tasting. That way they can control how many people are under the tent and have adequate time to sanitize before the next tasting. We scanned a QR code to view the wine flight options, and the wine was delivered to our table contact-less in a wine flight carrier. After our tasting, which was self-guided, we had the opportunity to order wine from our table during our 90-minute reservation.

Another Sunday at Boordy

I ended up going back the following weekend with some girlfriends. We were craving some face to face time, and an outdoor tasting met all of our comfort levels. The only hiccup this time was the weather. It was a chillier Fall day with the chance of afternoon rain. Unlike the week before, we didn’t grab a lawn table to hang out after. But, we were able to hang out under the heated tented. Our 90-minute reservation opened up to the opportunity of 4 hours since there weren’t any tasting reservations at 2 p.m.

So we nibbled on some snacks, sipped wine, and had a round table discussion about our 2020 blessings. This year has been like no other, but there are so many things to be grateful for…and I’m grateful for my amazing girl gang (and their appreciation for wine)!

Thanks for reading along!


* COVID-19 Disclosure – Myself and the parties photographed take necessary precautions and wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Homecoming 2020

Homecoming 2020

Typically on the last Saturday in October, I am all excited and living my best life at homecoming. It’s the one time of year I can pretend I’m in college again and reconnect with all my college friends at University of Maryland. But clearly, this year is a little different.

It’s kind of funny, I didn’t go to any of my high school reunions, but it seems like every year I go to homecoming it’s a mini school/college reunion. I get to see all of my classmates and friends, reaching all the way back to college orientation.

Every year homecoming just brings back all the feels. From driving down Route 1, seeing the iconic “M” as I enter the campus, and seeing my old dorm and stomping grounds. Route 1 looks a little different now, to all my Terps, I know we’re still missing Wawa, Santé Fe, and Lupo’s, BUT there’s still Cornerstone! And the reason I go back is to connect with friends, go down good ole memory lane, and to tailgate, of course. And confession, it’s barely about the football game to me…I’ve probably been to two or three of the homecoming games. I am there just for the social aspect (food, drinks, laughter, pictures, and memories).

It’s been 13 years (I know crazy right) since I graduated and shockingly homecoming became more of a big thing for me after I graduated. From decking out in my Maryland gear, tailgating before and through the game, and going back to my relive my college days with all of my friends I made at UMD. To my fellow Terps…hang in there hopefully there will be some normalcy next year. To all my readers who are feeling the absence of homecoming…I sympathize with you, let’s all stay safe and healthy, and hopefully, we’ll have the homecomings we once had soon.