Meet Willow Pumpkin My Mini Goldendoodle

Meet Willow Pumpkin My Mini Goldendoodle

So I got a Puppy! Meet Willow Pumpkin! She’s a mini goldendoodle and has been one of my best pandemic purchases. I’ve wanted a puppy for years, and now that I’m working from home (for the near future), I thought the timing was just right. She’s small but sassy, cute, and lots of fun.

I got her from Just Puppies in Towson when she was 8 weeks old. It all started with a search on their site when I saw there were 4 mini goldendoodles available. I made an appointment to meet her, paid a deposit, and the next day I met her and took her home! As of today, she’s 6 months old and a little under 9 lbs.

I’ve heard horror stories about the first night home with Puppy, but my Willow did great. Slept in her crate all night, no crying, and no accidents in her bed. Only a few nights my sleep was interrupted, but overall she’s crate trained and about 98% housebroken now. She doesn’t love when I leave the house, but only because she’s used to me being home all the time.

Willow’s Favorites

Shockingly I’ve listed only one toy in her list of favorites, she has grown quite the toy collection.

Puppy Mom Favorites

As a first time Puppy Mom I also have some favorites. After some research and lots of purchases, here are my faves:

Stay tuned for more to come about little Miss Willow.