DIY Bathroom Vanity Update (and more!)

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I gave my bathroom vanity a much-needed update with the Gianni Nuvo Oxford Blue Cabinet Paint Kit for under $70! I was excited to collaborate with Gianni Inc. after the amazing outcome of my marble kitchen countertops, so you can imagine my excitement when I decided to update my vanity with another one of Gianni’s kits.

Before and After

So if you recall, this was my mood board for my bathroom makeover, but after I painted the vanity, I had another vision in mind. The vanity color and updating the countertop stayed the same, but instead of one fun accent wall, I decided to color block paint my bathroom (inspired by Rashida Banks). Before I talk more about the kit, find a recap of the updates below!

Updated Vanity with Gianni Nuvo Oxford Blue Cabinet Paint Kit

Countertop Updates with Giani Marble Countertop Paint Kit

Color Block Wall in Gossamer Veil by Sherwin Williams

The Kit

The kit is priced at $69.95 and comes with two cans of paint (I only needed one for my vanity), the roller arm, two rollers, a brush, stir sticks, and instructions. The only items I needed outside of the kit, was a plastic drop cloth, sandpaper, and tape.

The Process

First I removed all the hardware and cleaned the surface, then sanded the vanity with 300 grit sandpaper. Next was my least favorite part, taping. I’m convinced taping really does take the longest. I cleaned the surface one more time, to wipe away any dust from sanding, and then it was time to paint. Before painting, definitely follow the instructions to mix well, until the paint was fully mixed, I did not see the true color of the navy oxford blue. Two coats later, a new vanity! I love how the paint dried into the surface of the wood, so it looks like this was the original color all along.

A couple of days later I went to Lowe’s and picked up new hardware. I decided to stick with brushed nickel to match my faucet and loved the modern look of the bar-style pull handles.

Bathroom Marble Countertop

With the leftover paint and epoxy from my marble paint kit, I decided to also give the countertop a facelift. In the kitchen the white primer base was perfect, but in the bathroom, I wanted to have a cream-colored base. I chatted with Gianni’s support team before purchasing their Pearl Mica Mineral countertop paint and Brown Feldspar Mineral paint (under $20), to make sure all of these products mixed well together. After applying the primer base coat I applied two coats of Pearl Mica and used the Grey Marble color (from my countertop paint kit), and Brown Feldspar, for my marble design. I LOVE how it turned it. And lastly, like with kitchen marble countertops, I applied the Epoxy Topcoat, and done!

My Takeaways

  • Do not consider skipping the sanding step…it’s very important
  • Apply a third coat for touchups after your second coat (if needed)
  • Wait for the paint to completely dry (I waited 48 hours) before adding hardware or opening closing the doors.
  • My kit came with a roller, but because of the small space of my vanity, I used the brush to paint the front and drawers, and the roller on the side

Thanks for reading and following along!


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