As I approach my 10 year anniversary as a licensed nail technician, I realized I have yet to blog about my life as a nail tech! Ten years is a long time, and when I think back to my apprentice years when I was 16…I’ve technically been doing nails for 19 years!!

My career as a nail technician started at Xpertise Hair Studio under the leadership of a family friend and sister, Chantal. I had a handful of clients and it was a great first job that came with life lessons and a little money on the side. Working as a nail tech and interacting with clients taught me a lot about interpersonal communication, customer service, and was an outlet for my creativity. My budding career as a nail tech was more like a hobby that turned into a career.

Apprentice Nail Technician

As an apprentice nail technician, I was blessed to work under the direction of Tiffaney, a nail technician with years of experience. She taught me so much about nail services, best practices, demeanor with clients, and techniques for acrylic and nail art. To meet the requirement to take the State Board test, I logged a certain number of hours a month and send it to the Board of Cosmetology. As you can imagine as a 16-year-old, although I was responsible, I did not take on the full responsibility to log everything and send my reports in a timely matter. As a result, I didn’t take the exam, and planning for college took priority at that time.

Licensed Nail Technician

In 2009 I decided it was time to officially become a licensed nail technician. I went back to the salon where it all started, started the apprenticeship, and this time around I logged my hours and sent them to the Board on time. I passed the exam and became a licensed nail technician in October 2010. I stayed at the salon for about two years and then started working at a day spa where I’ve been for almost 8 years.

More To Come…

I have so much more to share about life as a nail technician, this is just an introduction. I’ve slacked when it comes to posting nail content on social media and my blog, but I promise, there is more content to come. Including a review of my friend’s 10-free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly nail polish line, XXVZ. So stay tuned!! In the meantime, enjoy some of my favorite nails below!

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