I spent my last weekend before the quarantine was set in place (and the world shut down) with the best two women in my life, mom and my sister, at Lady Camellia’s for high tea.

We planned a surprise weekend for Mom for her birthday, everything from my sister visiting, to high tea, and shopping in Georgetown (oh and our floral shirts). My sister did some research and found this cute and charming tearoom. My mom has always wanted to spend a day in Georgetown, so this was the perfect spot.

I had the High Tea which included:

  • Pot of tea – I had the Tropical Sencha (a traditional Japanese green tea with notes of tropical fruits)
  • 2 scones or crossiants
  • English pie (with braised meat topped with mashed potato)
  • 4 pastries

There wasn’t much that I didn’t like (lol) but my top favorites from Lady Camellia’s was the warm white chocolate raspberry scone (so so good), and the apple and brie sandwich (not included in my tea but with the full tea) and it was delicious. After high tea, we walked down to the waterfront, and stopped for a little shopping on the way back. It was a perfect girls day out, with perfect weather, and a lovely high tea.

I’m sad to share that Lady Camellia’s has closed. They have posted an update on their website and hoping to be able to supply local grocery stores with their delicious scones.

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