So I decided to challenge myself and try Burn Boot Camp in Carmel…and let me just say, I felt the burn. My sister has raved about this exercise class, so while I was in Indianapolis, I gave it a try. And get this…I was crazy enough to try it twice!

I spent last week in Indianapolis visiting family for a quarantine style staycation and my sister asked if I was going to go to Burn Boot Camp. After seeing her results (losing inches and getting leaner by the day) I decided to give it a try. I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I pushed through and did as much as I could. I attended two classes, the first class was Leg Day Emom with Squat Hold Finisher, and Core Conditioning Giant Set with Cardio Finisher. Both classes were led by Kristen, who was awesome and encouraged me throughout the class.

Burn Bootcamp Workout

The workouts are 45-minutes and focused on strength and cardio with an emphasis on a community-focused. After each set, we “air high fived” each other for surviving a set, and everyone pushed each other to keep going and not give up. As a first-timer, I appreciated that there were modification options if the exercise move “was not for you”. Quite a few were “not for me” so option two was where I found myself for some of the sets. There was a board in front of class displaying the name of the exercise, the number of reps, with the goal to complete three sets of each move.

Thank you Burn Boot Camp Carmel for welcoming me with open arms!! And thank you, big sister, for encouraging me to press through and challenge myself through the workouts! I was nervous about the burn I’d feel later, and let’s just say the stairs were not my friend for a few days, but I made it through and I’d try it again. After all “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

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