I’m so excited to share my latest web design project. This was by far the most detailed project I’ve done so far. Not only am I proud to share this web design, but I’m also excited to share the launch of my dear friend’s Event Planning company, Orchid Affairs, founded by Robbin Lockhart.

What Makes this Web Design Different?

For many of my previous projects, I took the lead on the design and layout with feedback from the stakeholders. This project was more collaborative and about a year in the making, and I am so happy with the results. Robbin and I were in communication from the first brainstorming session up to the event launch for Orchid Affairs. Whether it was over text, Facetime, Gchat or collaborative work sessions, Robbin shared her thoughts on branding for Orchid Affairs and we were able to align the vision of her brand through the website.

One of the elements I love most about the website is the coding used to have a customized image as the background on some of the pages. It took some trial and error with the coding, but I think it helps both the page and site standout from other event planning sites I’ve seen. Check out the pages below:

Why Choose Orchid Affairs?

Robbin Lockhart, Founder (photo credit Amber Iris)

Not only because I have a personal and professional connection to Orchid Affairs, but because with them anything is possible! The founder, Robbin, brings both the enthusiasm and a smile to the event planning process. As a client, what you may find stressful or hard to handle,  she tackles all tasks and challenges, with a winning approach.
If you have an important event or celebration coming up, Orchid Affairs will take care of all of your needs! Congratulations on your launch Robbin and I’m so excited to be a part of this journey!

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