Earlier this year I got the grand idea to create an office space for home. So, of course, I went to Pinterest, started a board for inspiration, and before I knew it everything started coming together. I already had a table that I purchased from IKEA’s as-is section years ago. “As-is” is a room of products that have been either returned or used in displays, and may or may not be slightly damaged. If you’ve never checked out the as-is section…you’re missing out! I don’t know if I just have great timing, but I always find a bargain, and the best part is that the item is already assembled.

My table was bland and needed a makeover. After some research, I was inspired by Pinterest to do a marble table and came across an amazing DIY tutorial on YouTube. It was easy to follow and under $10. So within a few days, I went to Lowe’s and purchased marble contact paper for $7.

Next on my objective was a chair, a clear chair to be exact. I priced a few on Amazon and Wayfair, but I wanted a certain style and didn’t want to spend more than $50. So, I headed over to IKEA’s as-is section and what do I find…a clear chair for $49.50 (originally $69)!

In the end, my DIY project cost me approximately $60 (considering I already had a table) and was a success! In the event you don’t hit the jackpot in the as-is section, this project would run just under $120. Here’s the breakdown:

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