The other day I was driving home from work, it was 85°, the sun was beaming down on me through the sunroof and it allllmost felt like the Dominican Republic. But…the sounds of the waves and the waiter handing me my frozen mojito were missing. Instead, I just felt the heat and the Maryland humidity. Don’t get me wrong, the sun felt great but it was not the Dominican Republic and my girls were missing!

In March, we escaped town just in time before the snow storm really hit Maryland. Flights were being canceled left and right, and my SuperShuttle bailed 10 minutes before my scheduled pickup time, but not even that would keep me from getting to the airport. It was nerve-racking driving my 2 door car through the snow and freezing rain to get to the airport, but I made it in time for my 8:45 a.m. flight. The night before I obsessively checked the flight status all night (and morning)  praying my flight wasn’t canceled and God answered my prayers. Praise be! And just like that, I was DR bound with my girls and ready to soak up some sun!

After a short ride from the airport, we arrived at Chic by Royalton Resorts in Punta Cana, an all-inclusive adult-only resort. We were greeted with chilled pink towels, a welcome drink, and started the check-in process. We were informed about the restaurants, pool and beach area, cabana rentals, and a pitch about their Diamond club (which we passed on). We had a Luxury Room and I loved the pink accents throughout the decor at the resort. My room was great (check out the photos) and everything was just steps away.

We spent every day on the resort and quickly got into the groove of our daily routine: wake up, breakfast, relax on the beach, lunch, transition to the pool, evening nap, shower, then dinner. And I must say, our routine was pretty great. As far as nightlife, we stayed at the resort with the exception of our adventure to Coco Bongo. At the resort, we checked out the club, which provided good music and even better people watching, and one night the entertainment team put on a show with live music. The one night we ventured out was to Coco Bongo. We all have heard so much about it, and since we didn’t go in Cancun, we were curious and wanted to check it. In my opinion, the crowd was a bit overwhelming, but the performances were amazing!

To sum it up:

  • The staff was amazing
  • I loved the bracelet style room key (impossible to lose)
  • Food was good, especially the paella!
  • Drinks were flowing
  • Laughs were endless
  • The beach was perfect

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