In the fall of 2010 I attended my first information session for the Professional MBA program at Loyola University Maryland. After sitting through the information session I knew that this was where I was going to go for my Masters in Business Administration. I attended a few other sessions in the area at University of Baltimore and my alma mater, University Maryland, but there was something about Loyola. My first instinct told me this was my program. From the personal setting of the information session, the international study tour, and the convenient locations near my full-time job.

Ever since middle school I knew that I wanted to pursue marketing. So after getting my undergraduate degree in Communications at University of Maryland, College Park, two years later I decided to branch out and pursue my masters degree. At UMD the business school was very competitive and after a rocky start (like many freshmen adjusting to life as a semi-adult and more freedom) my first semester was a little rocky. So after some reevaluation and meeting with my counselor, took the next best direction in communications.

Because I did not have an undergraduate degree in business I had to take all 53 credits to complete the program. I started in the Fall 2010 semester and finished in the Winter 2013 semester. After all the courses, challenges (group projects), and lectures…what I loved most about the MBA program was:

  1. The International Study Tour trip to Chile (Blog Post)
  2. The new products and development class
  3. The relationships I built with my professors and classmates
  4. The opportunity to continue your education through the Masters Plus (which I started)

It’s crazy to realize that it’s been almost 4 years since I’ve completed the program. I could say I miss it…BUT I truly value my downtime now. Thanks to the Loyola’s Professional MBA program, I have been able to transition into the career I am in now. The program taught me valuable lessons about project development, team building, business cultures, and the importance of networking.


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