Happy Fall Y’all

Happy Fall Y’all

It is officially my favorite season of the year. Happy Fall Y’all! I mean how can you not love the beautiful changing leaves, the chill in the morning, how it’s warm during the day, then a little chilly in the evening?

Now I know I have some friends who are just rolling their eyes at this post because they just love love love summer. Don’t get me wrong I love summer too, but I love fall more. I mean, winter is too cold, spring is horrible if you’re like me and have allergies, and then summer can be so humid. But then there’s fall…which in my opinion, is a perfect balance.

Let me run through a few reasons why.

The Best Weather

It’s the best weather to walk around your local apple orchard and pick pumpkins. The weather is also perfect for your hair if the humidity is not your friend.

Pumpkin Everything

For those who are obsessed with pumpkin, this season is all about you! While I prefer pumpkin scented candles, there’s a whole PSL (Pumpkin Spiced Latte) community out there!

Fall Fashion

Everything from dark nail colors, booties, blazers and jeans, lightweight jackets, and the introduction to hoodie season, and if you’re ready, go ahead and pull out the scarves.

So how can you not love fall?! Tell me your favorite things about fall in the comments!