A Team-Based Approach to Success

Aligned Care is a unique and innovative professional healthcare company with registered and licensed clinical pharmacists in the state of North Carolina. We provide preventive care services using a team-based approach that is tailored to the needs of our specific medical practices.

Our Visions at Every Practice

  • Improve patient care satisfactions and outcomes
  • Improve performance quality measures
  • Maximize providers’ productivity

Practice Benefits

  • No risk, hassle and capital investment
  • Improve patient satisfaction scores and health outcomes
  • Increase practice revenue
  • Improve medical practice star-ratings
  • Increase the efficiency and productivity of the practice’s clinicians
  • Increase future profitability in value-based payer networks
  • Pharmacy resource for the practice

Our Services

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Support for patients with two or more chronic conditions. We provide comprehensive care plans, medication management, and help identify barriers to care

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Support to minimize medication-related problems and optimize therapeutic care. We evaluate regimens for each targeted indication to ensure that the best possible outcome

Remote Physiologic Monitoring(RPM)

Support between office visits. Using electronic devices, we remotely monitor patient’s physiologic data to better manage patient’s condition(s)

Transition of Care Management (TCM)

Support following discharge to patient’s home. We provide timely medication reconciliations, patient education and assist in care coordination as needed

Aligned Care Academy

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Dr. Freeman immediately became “the angel at the point of need”. She was amazingly encouraging. She assured that I possessed what was required and more. She advised at every point along the way from set-up to execution. She made herself always available for consulting. At the final stage I drove an hour and half to observe Dr. Freeman as she consulted. Wow! What a teacher she was! Dr. Freeman is not just a compassionate healthcare provider, she is a consummate professional, willing to share her knowledge to benefit anybody who needs it.


Academy Student

“Working with this team has improved our quality metrics.”


Assistant Practice Manager

Team-based approach tailored to your needs.

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