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Welcome to Aligned Care Academy (ACA), we are excited to meet you!

The academy’s mission is for members to gain knowledge on the services Aligned Care clinicians provide and to build the confidence to deliver each service. Therefore, consultation times with instructors are included when any ACA course is purchased!

All ACA courses are designed for members of any clinical team (of course with pharmacists in mind!) that are ready to embrace a team-based approach to success!

Become an instructor!

You may apply to become an instructor if:

  • you offer preventive service(s)
  • your service(s) can be implemented in a community pharmacy or medical clinic
  • your service(s) enhances the community practice & promotes teamwork
  • you are willing to share your service challenges & solutions

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Our Team

Ahunna E. Freeman, PharmD, BCGP

Dr. Ahunna Freeman completed her undergraduate studies in Chemistry at The University of North Carolina at Asheville. In 2009 she earned her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree at Campbell University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.
After spending nearly, a decade in retail chain pharmacy, Dr. Freeman and her husband, Scottie Freeman, opened Southside Discount Pharmacy in 2014 to fully serve the community through the pharmacy profession by education and empowerment.

Dr. Freeman is board-certified in geriatric pharmacy. She currently serves as the Director of Clinical Services at Southside Discount Pharmacy, a clinical consultant pharmacist for independent practices, and a preceptor for schools of pharmacy throughout the state of North Carolina.
She plays an active role in her local community as a member of advisory boards, and as a guest speaker for numerous professional and community health events that promote patient engagement in preventive care. She is a contributing guest columnist at her local newspaper featuring articles on self-care, healthcare, and chronic illnesses.

Dr. Freeman resides in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with her husband, Scottie, and their three sons. In her free time, Dr. Freeman enjoys running, making her native Nigerian dishes, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Dr. Mohammad Jalloh

Dr. Mohammad Jalloh was born in the capital city of Sierra Leone, located on the West coast of Africa. In 2008 Dr. Jalloh moved to Charlotte, NC and spent nine years working for Carolina Healthcare System, now Atrium Health. While working for Atrium Health, he attended Central Piedmont Community and earned an associate degree in Science and Arts.

In May 2020 Dr. Jalloh graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy and Master’s of Business Administration from High Point University. He immediately began his new role as a clinical pharmacist with Aligned Care / Southside Discount Pharmacy. Dr. Jalloh has been married to, Jeneba, an oncology nurse, for ten years. They are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Zella-Marie and Aaliyah. Dr. Jalloh enjoys watching professional basketball, reading about emotional intelligence, and travelling. He loves classic cars and hopes to own a classic car collection.

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24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.

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