I will admit…my DIY projects were put on hold after becoming a dog mom, but I’ve learned how to be both DIY’er and a dog mom. It feels good to back in the DIY game with my latest project, my master bedroom accent wall. For over a year, my heart was set on a board and batten wall but I’m glad I waited out for this DIY moulding accent wall. After some brainstorming and research on Pinterest and TikTok, I was able to complete this project in under a week! All the details are below.Click here to skip to more images or watch the process on TikTok.

The Process

I have to give credit to this fellow DIY’er for the design, they were my main inspiration. I did take an easier process, in that I ordered wall panels, instead of cutting trim. For the style I wanted, I used two different panel sizes, 24×24 and 24×12. I wanted to make this an easy DIY with minimal tools and steps. I started by measuring my room and created a digital design of my room. I pulled out the blue painter’s tape to apply the design to my wall, to feel it out for a couple of days. It took about a week for the frames to come in, but once they arrived I went to work. My tape was a great guide, but I double-checked my measurements and used a great level too. I glued the frames with Liquid Nails and added nails to keep them in place. Next, I added caulking to make it look like a seamless attachment to the wall, then off to Sherwin Williams for paint supplies. I used Tricon Black, which is the same color I used for my DIY Spotted Accent Wall. After two coats of paint, the wall was done.

Tools Used

Obsessed With My Accent Wall

Once the paint dried I was in LOVE and I’m beyond obsessed with my room. I added a few accents and everything came together perfectly. Details are below!

  • Nightstands – a Marshall’s find
  • Vase with pampas grass – TJ Maxx find
  • Sconces
  • Lights


  • Don’t be scared of a black accent wall
  • Don’t skip the caulking
  • Take your time taping, you don’t want black paint everywhere

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