Write Down Your Goals and Step Out on Faith

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In February, I attended a gala to celebrate the life of an awesome man, God-brother, and the founder of Magic Minds Inc. It was a true celebration and a beautiful evening of fellowship. The favor from the gala was a small composition notebook with a pen, and we were told to write down our goals. The significance of a composition notebook to my God-brother is that it was in a composition notebook that Magic Minds Inc. was founded, the business plan was written, and he and the founders stepped out on of faith.

Now I look at my mini composition notebook and can’t help but smile because it makes me think of him and because I have reached one of my goals! This year I made a goal to be featured as a guest blogger and collaborate with a brand. Last week I blogged about my marble painted countertops and after sharing my blog post on social media and tagging the brand, I told myself to just go for it. So I reached out to the brand and they not only shared my post but featured me as a guest blogger! I thought, why stop there? This quote from a speaker at Create & Cultivate stuck with me.

What’s the worst that can happen? Someone says ‘no?’ Ask someone else.”

-Rachel Pally

After the feature, I followed up to say thank you and told them I’d love to collaborate and be featured as a guest blogger again for my next DIY project. And guess what, I’ve received a paint kit from the brand for my bathroom DIY project! (stay tuned)

I encourage you to step out on faith, especially if it pushes you out of your comfort zone. I mean what’s the worst that could happen? So go grab a composition notebook, piece of paper, or open your notes app on your phone and write down your goals! And don’t just write them down…step out on faith, and act on them!

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