First Post

I have vacation fever after Miami…and ready for my next getaway! (Recap to come). This year I’ve been slacking on my vacations. I’ve made a few trips away to visit family, but only one real vacation to Miami. I’m ready for a getaway to an all inclusive…visits to the Dominican Republic and Cancun totally spoiled me. Unfortunately, that’s not in the budget for this summer, but that just means I need to start saving for 2017. I have my mind set on Jamaica for 2017 😍

Be Inspired.  Weekly (if not daily) I look for new inspirations, cultivate new ideas, work on transitioning my dreams to some type of reality. I continue to remind myself…this is my life, I only get one, so I have to make the best of it. Live with no regrets. “Carpe Diem”.

Ready for a change…no longer am I waiting for opportunity to come knockin’. I’m in a headspace where I’m ready for a career change, something that will tap into my creative mind.  I’m coming to find creativity gives me life. I’m ready to create and grow. This could be the explanation for this site/blog. It’s an outlet for my thoughts, ideas, etc.

More posts to come…

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